NEC Asia Pacific Conference

Great event at the NEC Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong last Friday, where we exhibited with The Contracts Group. Together, we can provide NEC Contract Services & Software.
#documentcontrol #scenarioadvantage #nec #contractsgroup

JCCIB event

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the JCCIB event "Diversity: Women in 21st Century Japan" by Dr Mariko Bando last week #JCCIB #ScenarioAdvantage #diversity

New Site Access Screen

Check out our new Site Access screen which allows you to see all your integrated Access Points and Kiosks across your site, online and offline #scenarioadvantage #workforce #accesscontrol

NEC Dashboard

Did you know we have targeted Dashboards for NEC Contract Frameworks? Keeps everyone informed across the project and provides visibility #NEC #Documentmanagement #scenarioadvantage

Power-Gen Asia

Did you know we will be at Power-Gen Asia in Jakarta next month as an Exhibitor? Come meet and talk to us at our Booth F34
#PGASIA #ScenarioAdvantage #DocumentControl #InformationManagement

PlanGrid Construction Summit

Our CTO is heading over to San Francisco next week for the #PlanGrid Construction Summit. Looking forward to talking mobility and technology in Construction! #scenarioadvantage

New User Interface & Features

Exciting to soon share the new user interfaces and features we've been developing #scenario #scenarioadvantage #scenarioworkforce

CEO speaks at Sydney Build Expo

Great to see our CEO Trevor Forsyth sharing his long history & experiences in the construction industry - particularly as we push towards the move to digital engineering and mobility. Thanks to #PlanGrid for inviting Trevor to be on the panel at #SydneyBuildExpo

Sydney Build Expo

Come along to #SydneyBuildExpo and join the Panel Discussion at 10am on Thursday 15th March with #PlanGrid as well as our CEO Trevor Forsyth discussing the "Digital Divide - Making the Switch to Mobile"

2018 Update

Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Following on from our significant investment in R&D for the Scenario Advantage product suite last year, 2018 is about showing off what we have produced, and continuing to deliver on our directions moving forward.

I personally am very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk with those working in our target industries about how we can provide systems not only for 2018, but 2020 and beyond.

We will be attending a number of conferences and exhibitions across Asia, Australia and the UK this year, and we look forward to the chance to talk to our existing Client base, and those that want to learn more about the benefits Scenario Advantage can provide.

We wish everyone a prosperous and successful year ahead in 2018.

Sarah Smith
Chief Operating Officer